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Claudia wrinkled her nose.

 "Jami," she began.


 "Is this…squid?"

  The two had gone to a very nice restaurant in order to celebrate two years of being together.

 "Maybe," Jamison replied innocently He kept his blue eyes averted as he cut his teak. There was a long pause. Jamison finally got the courage to look up. Claudia had forgone eating and was currently glaring at him. She cleared her throat.

 "Jamison, I don't seem to recall ordering your least favorite food on our two year anniversary."
He gave her a cheeky grin.

 "Just keep digging around," he said. "I bet you'll find something you'll like."

Claudia harrumphed loudly and took a drink of water.

 "I really doubt that," she muttered rebelliously. Jami waited patiently while he sipped his wine. When he heard a faint squeak, he glanced up. Claudia's hands had flown over her mouth as she stared down at the plate.

 "What is it, babe?" asked Jamison, feigning surprise.

 "It's a-" squeaked Claudia. Her green eyes met his. They were bigger than saucers.
"Will you?" asked Jamison. He could not help smiling a little. Claudia squeaked again and launched herself across the table. Kissing him full in the mouth, Claudia nodded.

 "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she shrieked. Jamison kissed her and scooped the diamond ring out of the squid and dunked it in her water glass.

"What if I had eaten it?" demanded Claudia, not taking her eyes off of the sparkling ring. Jamison took out the ring to dry it on his napkin before sliding it elegantly on her finger.

 "Oh, that was my security-the squid-I mean. You would have never eaten it." Jamison replied. Claudia's sparkling eyes matched the brilliance of the diamond.

all (C) me
MissHoneyham Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Jami you are a complete GENIUS I can't even
This is perfect and amazing.

Seriously though squid is delicious Claudia has no idea what she's missing out on.
icantreallydraw901 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
heheheh yessssssss, isn't he though? XD and squid is delicious. I was contemplating how delicious it was when i had a thought that Claudia would hate it. and then i was writing, so naturally i had to write about her hating squid XD
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